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  • Micaela Adams

    Micaela Adams

  • Stephanie Serafino

    Stephanie Serafino

    Assistant Director, HIV Services at NYC Health+Hospitals Office of Population Health // PSU & NYU Alum //

  • Luis Berumen Castro

    Luis Berumen Castro

    Sr. UX Designer & Mentor. 👋 Tell me your story! Find me at www.berumendesign.com & Let’s connect www.linkedin.com/in/luisberumen/.

  • UX Collective Editors

    UX Collective Editors

    The polar bear behind http://uxdesign.cc

  • Bina Kijmedee

    Bina Kijmedee

    I solve problems, create beautiful things, tell meaningful stories, and bring joy and happiness through design.

  • Shira Kamiguera

    Shira Kamiguera

  • Crystal Cederstrom

    Crystal Cederstrom

    Everything UX design. I love to learn and solve problems. Currently mastering Japanese and reducing my carbon footprint, one chemical-free garden at a time!

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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